Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Rain! Welcome to California Old Friend!

Hi everyone!

I've been MIA for some time and wasn't sure I'd be back.  But here I am.  We have had some amazing weather changes here in CA...the last time I blogged we were suffering in the heat...now it is incredible...actually raining...sometimes pouring!

You may remember, I moved to north Orange County, CA (from south Orange County) last June.  The main reason was to be closer to my son and his family.  Actually my support needs are low at this time, but as I get older...that will change.  I'm a retired RN and I witnessed the cycle of aging many times over with patients.

My son is the pastor of a local church in Long Beach and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be going there and to be so welcomed by his congregation.

There have been a few pauses that slowed down my return to blogging...one is the increase in activity with my son's family (a good thing) and also in September I returned to Bible Study Fellowship (more time for study) and joined into a Growth Group (associated with my new church).  And don't forget adjusting to a new area...I've spent a great deal of time on Google just trying to figure out how to get to different places!  Plus, I've been dealing with back pain from an injury when I moved.  Drat!

And finally, my stitching time toward the end of 2018 was minimal.  I began Family Sampler (Plum Street Samplers) last year and will soon be in a time crunch because I have a deadline and must be done in order to have time to frame it or have it framed.  My son and his wife will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in May of this year and yes, it is for them.

Here is what I have so far:

I still have the lower section and the border....the girls and the mom will remain bald until I can find the right hair color for them!

I was motivated to get some of my Wips together and try to finish them this year after I saw the #stitch9challenge from Flosstube's Farmgirl.  But after that I found a sweet Valentine project I could not resist...so this was a new start from a few days ago and a final finish today...V is For Valentine by Heartstring Samplery.  Oh well, the Wips can wait!

The first Wip I'm "tackling" is call Suffolk Village...I promised a friend I would finish this for her, never realizing how huge the piece was and the difficulty in reading the pattern and directions.  Here is a photo of some of the directions...this pattern was bought by my friend in 1995 in England (apparently she visited these villages...Suffolk was one of several).  It certainly is not user-friendly.  Really, my heart sank when I saw the massive amount of directions and the condition of the fabric.  Fortunately it washed well!

Next is the front of the booklet....

And here is the stitched piece so far (my friend stitched the house to the left and some of the other house back in the 90'S)....in these days of HAED stitching, this is not extraordinarily large, but it is for me!

I actually prefer small designs.  Recently I looked at a couple of the larger designs I bought when I came back to cross-stitching a couple of years ago ..."What was I thinking?"

Take care, everyone and God Bless You!



  1. Oh my Susan your family sampler is gorgeous. I love it and I know your son and DIL will too. The design and colors are so pretty. It's perfect.

    Your Valentine stitch looks great. We have that pattern and I think Mary has stitched it so far.

    You are a good friend because that stitch from England looks difficult. Good luck with that one.

    Welcome back...we have missed you greatly. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  2. Susan, it was good to see your new post. Love your Valentine stitch! Your family sampler is looking great. It sounds like you have keeping busy with your new home and life in your new area.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Suffolk Village is certainly hard to stitch, but a great subject, I also like your Valentine motive very much.

  4. Oh, it's wonderful to see a post from you, Susan! Your sound like you have been very busy, but are adjusting to life in your new home. I'm so glad you are near your son and, you're right, as we age, we really do need more and more support from our family. Your back problem must be so annoying and painful--I hope you are back to 100% very soon!

    Lovely sampler you are stitching--even with the "bald" girls--ha ha! And, wow! That Suffolk village looks very stitch-dense! I'm stitching a piece like that right now and am realizing how much I miss my small stitching :) But, it will be a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when we are both done, right?

    My son in San Diego says they have had more rain this year than in all of last year! Crazy--but much needed, I'm sure. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Susan ♥

  5. Susan, I'm so happy to see you back posting!! You have been missed. What a wonderful 25 anniversary gift you are stitching for your son and DIL. It's a labor of love for sure and will be greatly appreciated.

    I will be showing my V for Valentine this month, I loved that sweet stitch, you have great taste!! :)

    Your Suffolk village will be quite an accomplishment. I know I will never tackle a project as big as that, kudos to your determination.

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