Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hot August Days...with more to come....

Welcome to August .... and hot weather!  In reading around the internet, it seems like many of us have experienced hot weather...after all, it is summer!  Here in California, hot weather spells disastrous fires because we get so little rain.  As you know, just a small spark can start an incredibly destructive fire!

I have a good friend in northern Cali who has been evacuated for almost a week .... she lives in the Mendocino Complex fire area.  I was up there a couple of years ago and as we drove on the road from the Sacramento airport to her home (about 2 hours), I was overwhelmed by the amount of trees on the mountainsides.  They are beautiful, majestic trees and the thought of ravaging fires is heart-breaking...not to mention the loss of so many homes and belongings.
ETA: My friend and her husband are home now ... the fires burned very close to them, but their home was spared.

My granddaughter attends college in Redding where the Carr fire is located to the west...she will be returning there next week.

And finally, I hope....My grandson is living in Lake Elsinore near the Holy Fire...his place is not in danger right now.

On to happier are probably here to see a bit of stitching.  I was able to finish one small project yesterday.  You know finishing just isn't my area of expertise...I need to watch Vonna's video again. It's been awhile and I found myself getting very frustrated with the whole process.  Unfortunately I didn't have the patience to wait, sit down and watch the video... so I forged ahead.

I believe I showed this piece before...when it was unfinished.  It was stitched on 28 count Tea-dyed Monaco fabric.

Summer by Lizzie*Kate

And here is another stitch, just completed and waiting to be finished....I hope the dolls don't look too "google-y eyed" with the black beads used as eyes!  I bought this piece awhile back and purchased the recommended fabric...30 count Straw Linen from WDW...honestly, this fabric drove me crazy!  It was so flimsy and loose...probably why I prefer even weave fabrics.

Under the Tree by Little House Needleworks

In honor of National Cross Stitch Day on August 10th, I started Pumpkin Hollow Farms as part of a SAL with Priscilla and Chelsea. I started it on a 25 count over one...but I must admit that my eyesight, even with magnification, is no longer able to effectively see the tiny stitches.  Sooo, I started over on 28 count Tea Dyed Monaco ...2 over 2....what a relief!  

Here is a picture from the pattern.....

See you in September!

Hugs to all!



  1. The fires are so sad. I hope it will end soon.
    Stitching is way more fun than finishing. Yours looks cute!
    I know what you mean about the small counts...28 is just so much easier. I have a few things in the works and when I use up and finish all of my smaller count stuff...I am just going to stick with 28 count. It is more relaxing and easier on me.

    1. Thanks Sandy...I agree, I felt much more relaxed when I switched to 28 count. We are supposed to enjoy our stitching...aren't we?

  2. Susan I hate when I hear about those fires...they are so destructive. I love Mendocino. We used to camp near there and then go into the town for breakfast. We were told that is where they filmed "Murder she wrote" with Angela Lansbury. It was a beautiful area. Hope everyone remains safe.

    I love your newest finish. Your choice of fabric was perfect. Was it hard to put the pom pom that the mini size?

    Your second stitch is adorable too. Enjoy the remaining days of summer as it went by so quickly. RJ

    1. Thanks, RJ....the pom poms were glued to the back of the fabric. Probably not what a real finisher would do, but it works for me!

  3. Your stitches are lovely. I look forward to seeing your Pumpkin Hollow Farms come to life with your needle and thread. The fires everywhere are just so tragic.

    1. Thank you, Robin....yes, the fires are truly tragic for people, animals and nature.

  4. Susan, I hope all your friends and family remain safe with these destructive fires.

    Your Summer stitch is very sweet and you did a great job on finishing. Finishing is not the most enjoyable part of stitching for me either. I have stitched on 30 ct weeks and it's very flimsy, I am always trying to tighten in it the q snaps.

    The SAL with Priscilla and Chelsea will be a lot of fun, I'm glad you mentioned them, I need to watch their latest floss tube video. Stay cool and safe, Mary

    1. Thanks so much, Mary! I'm looking forward to your next blog!

  5. Congrats on your latest stitching finishes. You've finished off the Lizzie Kate one beautifully. I can't wait to see your little crosses on the sweet pumpkin design.

  6. Oh, those wildfires are just heartbreaking, Susan. I hope all of your loved ones continue to be safe. As you know, my son and DIL live in La Jolla and I worry about them, but, so far, that area seems fine.

    Lovely stitching and I totally agree with you on the 30 ct. Weeks! I really don't enjoy it one little bit! I look forward to watching your SAL piece grow--it is SO cute!

    1. Hi Carol....thanks for your always lovely comments!
      La Jolla is a beautiful area....I pray it will never be touched by fire!


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