Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mid-July and Stitching Progress

A hot summer hello!  Air conditioning is here to stay for awhile in my house!

I've been doing a lot of sitting and stitching lately and have surpassed my goals to get ahead with the Little House Needleworks monthly series (I didn't start them until last February)... I'm so ready to finish them so I can concentrate on other seasonal pieces.  

Another important goal of mine is walking.  In this hot weather, that means getting outside fairly early.  I do have a treadmill, but I save that for winter when the garage is cooler.  And there are just so many hours in the day for walking, stitching, and all the necessities of life, aren't there?  It's good to be busy, though.

Besides the LHN monthlies, another series I've started is the LHN Early Americans (me and a lot of other stitchers!)...most everyone I see on IG is well ahead of me.  I just finished Betsy Ross and have now started John Hancock.  I'm not stitching on one piece of fabric as some are, so I will complete them all before I decide how I want to frame and display them.

I'm doing all the Early American pieces on 30 count Tin Roof linen which is kind of a loose weave. It's been a challenge to stitch so as not to pull the threads too tightly.

Here is how far I am on John Hancock...

It has been fun stitching this series and reading about these American pioneers.  

I've never worked with a stitching rotation, but now I have so many WIPS that I found myself needing to focus on finishes instead of wandering from piece to piece.  The monthlies are a priority for me...I'm barreling through them and just started October, so I'm hoping to finish before the end of the year (I started with March, so my last piece will be February).

Here is August, the next monthly to be displayed next to my summer, patriotic dough bowl (shown in a previous post).  I finally got "smart" about the mat boards that back up the monthlies...I attached magnets to the monthly piece and to the mat board so that I can use the same mat board on the next one and don't have too keep making new ones for each monthly! The idea of magnets was extracted from the Priscillas blog except that she uses sheet metal and magnets.  I see that Amazon sells sheet metal, so I might try that on a decorative frame!

August was an OK piece...a bit too subdued for me...I could have frogged the wording and re-stitched in a brighter color, but I decided to stay with the recommended threads.

And finally, this proud mom wants to show off a picture of my son on his 50th birthday celebration.  My son, Chris is to the right and his brother-in-law, Steve is to the left...I don't know if you are familiar with the popular Corn Hole game where you toss bean bags into the hole from a distance, but Chris has been wanting one...sooo Steve is actually building one (actually two since there are two players)...with Chris' favorite logo..the L.A. Dodgers.  

I didn't take a picture of it, but I gifted Chris with a picture album from his birth through high school that I've been working on for almost a year.  Whew!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your August monthly looks good. Your Early American pieces are super. Happy birthday wishes to your son!

  2. I love your pattern, this old amerikan pictures.

  3. One benefit of the summer heat is that it's too hot to do much other than sit and stitch and do your best to keep cool. I love your August, I do like the soft colors and you have the rickrack perfectly framed around the stitch, did you cut the rick rack to have the corners come out so evenly?
    Your making great progress on the Early American Series, I like the tinroof color linen also.
    Happy Birthday to Chris and what a great gift of the photo album, it must have been fun for him to reminisce over 50 years of photos! The Dodger hole in one is a pretty cool gift too! Stay cool and Happy stitching, Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  4. What lovely finishes, Susan! I actually really love those colors in your August piece--they look so soft and soothing :)

    Corn hole is popular with my family when we go to the beach each summer. And your scrapbook must have been a true labor of love--what a special gift!

    Hope things cool off very soon for both of us!

  5. Susan, I love all of your stitches. Your monthly's are coming along great. I really love your newest one with the sailboat. I love the early Americans. I've stitched on tin roof and know exactly what you mean. Great idea about the magnets...thank you. You have done a lovely job on all of your pretty stitches.
    Handsome son and a great gift from his BIL. I really enjoy playing cornhole. I think your gift sounds fabulous and would love to see it. RJ

  6. Well I was positive I left a comment but maybe it did not go through. I love all of your monthly stitches and I think the newest one is great. I love the sailboat.

    I love the Americans...the tin roof linen is hard to stitch on but it comes out great.

    Happy Birthday to your son. What a fun to play corn hole myself. I think your gift sounds wonderful and would love to see it. Have a great week of stitching. RJ

  7. What a wonderful post Susan! Great photo of your son and his BIL! Hope he had a wonderful birthday! Your stitching projects look fantastic! Amazed at all the tiny stitching!


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