Saturday, June 17, 2017

Finishes and StitchMaynia SALS

Hi to everyone!  Welcome to my stitching blog...

The most important news event for me this month was the graduation from middle school and high school for my two granddaughters (my son's family).  It was a big day for our family as we gathered to participate in this day-long event...the eighth grader graduated at 9:30 in the morning and the high schooler at 7pm the same day...Whew!  So most of us just hung out at my son's home for the day.  Here is a picture of the two of them...Makayla on the left and Jessa on the right.  I'm so proud of these girls!

Here are the stitching presents I gave them...first for the eighth grade graduate and then for the high school grad...I framed these can probably tell...and the most difficult part was finding the right size frame!  I never did!  Of course, mats would be able to solve that problem, but I don't (yet) have a mat cutter.  Oh, and I loved using the worked really well to attach the stitched pieces to mat board (see my previous blog for an explanation and picture of the packaging).

They were both stitched on 32 count Antique White Lugana...the larger one with all the words was more difficult than simple cross stitching...I still can't figure out exactly why, but it was!  I hope they liked these presents as much as I loved making them.  No one in my family is accustomed to my stitching because I just returned to this hobby after so many years.

Remember Stitch Maynia?  I did have five starts during May, but I had to keep it to that because of the two presents I was making and the Little House Needleworks monthlies that I'm scrambling to complete every month.  Actually I'm finally getting ahead with the's still June and I'm starting on August...Yay!

Here is July... the colors were a little softer than previous months, but I love them!  I've finished most of the monthlies with mat board covered in a green cotton material.

Now that Stitch Maynia is over...with some WIPS to finish, I'm going to jump into their Summer SAL starting on June 20th and ending on September goal will be to finish Summer by Little House Needleworks (started during Stitch Maynia).....and get another summer piece started...Hello Summer by Plum Street Samplers.

Sorry...sometimes the fabric photographs a bit wonky.  This particular fabric is 28 count Earthen Lugana.

The next Stitch-a-Long (SAL) that I will participate in starts on July 1st and is the Patriotic Pride SAL....I will be working on Let Freedom Ring and possibly some smaller patriotic pieces I've started. 
So much to little time!  

I won't be able to finish this piece until well into next year...Ha! and perhaps beyond!

This concludes my latest stitching...thanks for visiting my blog!  Take care and God Bless!