Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April News

Good morning!  I hope your Easter was blessed with family and delicious food!  Mine certainly was! I went to my son's church in Long Beach where he is the pastor... for a delightful Easter service and then on to a restaurant called Claimjumper where they are known for mega-servings.  The 12 of us who gathered together were stuffed!  Here is a picture of my son, his wife and my two lovely granddaughters.

Now on to stitchy news...if you remember from a previous post,  I said I returned to cross stitching at the beginning of this year after many years away (I was in the midst of card-making for quite a long time). It seems no matter what I do, it doesn't take long for my stash to build!  I'm going to show you what I'm recently stitching, but it is not all of it. My WIPs (works in progress) are many, some just "kitted" and waiting.

First, my finished April monthly stitch by Little House Needleworks:

Here is my Spring dough bowl ... you can't see it in this picture, but the April monthly is sitting to the right.  Toward the back of the bowl is a Mill Hill beaded egg that I finished for the bowl.  I really loved beading!

And here is the May monthly in progress...

The next stitch is unfinished but I'm hoping to add it to my Spring bowl collection soon...
It's called Hello Spring and the designer is Hands On Design. I'm not using the "called for" fabric which is black (meant to look like chalkboard). My fabric is 25 count Stormy Night Lugana.  

I'm also in the process of stitching two presents...for the granddaughters shown above..
They will be graduating from high school and middle school in June.  Here is the piece for the high school grad...by Ursula Michael for Imaginating.

And the next is for the middle school grad...hers will be a bit smaller, but I couldn't leave her out, could I?  This piece is by My Big Toe.

Each stitchy project I'm working on has its own project bag by Made by Mama Joan  (Joan Seidel)...she is on Flosstube (You Tube), has been stitching for years and makes project bags to sell.  They are so well-made and the fabric is beautiful.  What I especially like is the "window" made from a heavy plastic that she sews into the front.  I can identify my project and don't have to look into each bag before I open!

Here is the front of one of the bags...Joan has coordinating fabric on each bag...one on the front and one on the back...

Finally, here is one of my next projects...very popular among stitchers right now.  By Lila's Studio, it is called Let Freedom Ring.  I admit it is huge (for me) and I find it daunting...but, one stitch at a time!

Stitches and Blessings,