Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March News and Heading Toward April

Hello!  Because I am focused on getting monthly and seasonal projects done, time seems to be rushing along at breakneck speed!  Being a recent returnee to cross stitching after many years of card making, I have a lot to make up and I seem to want to stitch everything I see, which we know just isn't possible.

I will probably post on my blog once a month, but if you wish to see me more frequently please join in to Instagram Instagram name is susanrlankford.  It is just easier for me to post a quick picture on Instagram with a short statement.  After all, I need time to stitch! (wink)

First is my February finish for the bread bowl I purchased after seeing several of them on Flosstube...(I'm very suggestible)! The swirly motifs on the heart have small pearl beads attached and I added a verse from Luke 10:27.

And here is the bread bowl...due to be changed for Spring...the stitched felt hearts are made from some Primitive Heart dies (Papertrey Ink)...I thought they really added to my heart pillow.

I've started stitching a monthly series by Little House Needleworks and the next picture shows my finished March...I started these later in the year, so I'll have to catch up to January and February for next year.

Here is the back...I have a lot to learn about finishing!  Have you been to Stitching Dreams?  Carol has the model blog (she just won a British award for most outstanding needlework blog) and her finishes are exquisite.  I recently won a lovely pattern on her blog....Yay!  I'll have a picture for you one of these days.

The April monthly is still a work in progress...I'm stitching my monthlies (so far) on Monaco Tea Dye Evenweave fabric.  I'm still a little afraid of Linen...slubs and all...but I'll venture into it eventually.

He is Risen by Little House Needleworks is another WIP....Of course, this one is specific to Easter, so I really need to push a bit...isn't it sweet?  I'm not sure why I decided to use this Dusty Green Jobelan 28 count, except that green is my favorite color!  I just hope the greens in the pattern show well!

And finally, this next one is kind of an extra (I am already accumulating lots of "extra" stash)...that I work on less than the others because there is no time pressure.  The pattern is called The Pedigree of Honey (Leisure Arts Samplers) and I actually started it for a SAL on Stitch Maynia (something historical).  This pattern has a line from a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and will be my first sampler.  I really do like a lot of the Bee patterns that I see!

Gotta love the hive needle minder! I'm stitching this one on 32 count Lambswool Jobelan...smooth as silk!

That ends it for this month...Much happy stitching to you!

Stitched Blessings...



  1. I just stumbled upon your blog this afternoon. What lovely finishes and WIPs you have! Have an enjoyable weekend!

  2. Wow Susan! All your cross stitching projects are wonderful! You sure are getting a lot accomplished! Your pillow looks fantastic! I love it on display! Can't wait to see the April project finished! Off to a great start! The little bee hive is cuuuute! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I'm way behind on my blog reading, Susan! Here it is April 8th and you posted this way back in mid-March! I'll bet you have already changed out your pretty red dough bowl for something pastely and springy :)

    Your LHN monthly finishes are just wonderful--beautifully finished, too! Thank you for your sweet words about my blog. Yours is looking fantastic, too, and I've added it to my favorite blogs list in my sidebar. Hopefully, more of my readers will find you this way :)

    Lovely sampler--it's nice to have a larger piece moving slowly along in the background, isn't it? Hope you're enjoying a relaxing weekend. Spring has finally come to western PA and I couldn't be happier :)


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