Thursday, March 14, 2019

MARCHing Into Spring

Welcome to my blog on this overcast March day....I'm grateful for overcast when I see some of the pix of the eastern part of the U.S., although some of you really enjoy the snow!

I want to address a problem I've been having on my blog first because it has concerned and frustrated me.  I've been unable to reply to any comments because once I reply, the words disappear. Also on RJ and Mary's blog,  Stitching Friends Forever,  my comments will not appear.  I will take RJ's advice to sign out under Anonymous, then sign my name and see what happens!  Really my main point about this is I don't want any of you to think I don't comment on your wonderful blogs OR that I'm not replying to comments on my own blog.  I do reply on my personal e-mail, so I hope you are getting those replies!

On to stitching!  In preparation for March and St. Patrick's Day, I chose a small Lizzie Kate stitch and finished it as a pillow with Lady Dots chenille around the edges.  The greens certainly don't match ...I would have preferred a darker chenille, but it suits me fine!  The threads are DMC and the fabric is 28 count Mushroom Lugana.

I know some stitchers can't stand to have the fabric peeking out between the stitches, but it doesn't bother me!

I've been working diligently to finish the next piece ... a present for my son and daughter-in-law for their 25th wedding anniversary (how could that much time have gone by?).  So is finished and now the nail-biter...I have to have it framed and have no idea where to go.  

I started this sampler a year ago...of course I was stitching other pieces also, but I felt like this one would never be finished!  It is stitched on 25 count Bone Lugana (1 over 1).  The threads were a mix of Victorian Motto, Classic Colorworks and DMC.

I semi-replicated everyone's hair...My son is bald (by choice...he shaves his head), but I left a bit of hair on the sides of the gentleman's head daughter-in-law is blond, however her hair is not as yellow as this one's is...the two girls are pretty close to my granddaughters' natural hair.

One of the first presents my daughter-in-law gave me almost 25 years ago was a cross stitch...she didn't continue with cross stitching, but I've always treasured the piece she gave me...
Isn't it sweet?  And typical of the mid-90' that time, I had a cat named Chelsea...

On a personal note, one of my granddaughters (in high school) just won an award in Water Polo for being the Junior Varsity Most Valuable Defensive Player of the year!  I've never been athletic, so I was so impressed at the strength she needs to be a goalie!

Take Care and I hope to be back in another month (maybe two)!


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Rain! Welcome to California Old Friend!

Hi everyone!

I've been MIA for some time and wasn't sure I'd be back.  But here I am.  We have had some amazing weather changes here in CA...the last time I blogged we were suffering in the it is incredible...actually raining...sometimes pouring!

You may remember, I moved to north Orange County, CA (from south Orange County) last June.  The main reason was to be closer to my son and his family.  Actually my support needs are low at this time, but as I get older...that will change.  I'm a retired RN and I witnessed the cycle of aging many times over with patients.

My son is the pastor of a local church in Long Beach and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be going there and to be so welcomed by his congregation.

There have been a few pauses that slowed down my return to is the increase in activity with my son's family (a good thing) and also in September I returned to Bible Study Fellowship (more time for study) and joined into a Growth Group (associated with my new church).  And don't forget adjusting to a new area...I've spent a great deal of time on Google just trying to figure out how to get to different places!  Plus, I've been dealing with back pain from an injury when I moved.  Drat!

And finally, my stitching time toward the end of 2018 was minimal.  I began Family Sampler (Plum Street Samplers) last year and will soon be in a time crunch because I have a deadline and must be done in order to have time to frame it or have it framed.  My son and his wife will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in May of this year and yes, it is for them.

Here is what I have so far:

I still have the lower section and the border....the girls and the mom will remain bald until I can find the right hair color for them!

I was motivated to get some of my Wips together and try to finish them this year after I saw the #stitch9challenge from Flosstube's Farmgirl.  But after that I found a sweet Valentine project I could not this was a new start from a few days ago and a final finish today...V is For Valentine by Heartstring Samplery.  Oh well, the Wips can wait!

The first Wip I'm "tackling" is call Suffolk Village...I promised a friend I would finish this for her, never realizing how huge the piece was and the difficulty in reading the pattern and directions.  Here is a photo of some of the directions...this pattern was bought by my friend in 1995 in England (apparently she visited these villages...Suffolk was one of several).  It certainly is not user-friendly.  Really, my heart sank when I saw the massive amount of directions and the condition of the fabric.  Fortunately it washed well!

Next is the front of the booklet....

And here is the stitched piece so far (my friend stitched the house to the left and some of the other house back in the 90'S) these days of HAED stitching, this is not extraordinarily large, but it is for me!

I actually prefer small designs.  Recently I looked at a couple of the larger designs I bought when I came back to cross-stitching a couple of years ago ..."What was I thinking?"

Take care, everyone and God Bless You!


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hot August Days...with more to come....

Welcome to August .... and hot weather!  In reading around the internet, it seems like many of us have experienced hot weather...after all, it is summer!  Here in California, hot weather spells disastrous fires because we get so little rain.  As you know, just a small spark can start an incredibly destructive fire!

I have a good friend in northern Cali who has been evacuated for almost a week .... she lives in the Mendocino Complex fire area.  I was up there a couple of years ago and as we drove on the road from the Sacramento airport to her home (about 2 hours), I was overwhelmed by the amount of trees on the mountainsides.  They are beautiful, majestic trees and the thought of ravaging fires is heart-breaking...not to mention the loss of so many homes and belongings.
ETA: My friend and her husband are home now ... the fires burned very close to them, but their home was spared.

My granddaughter attends college in Redding where the Carr fire is located to the west...she will be returning there next week.

And finally, I hope....My grandson is living in Lake Elsinore near the Holy Fire...his place is not in danger right now.

On to happier are probably here to see a bit of stitching.  I was able to finish one small project yesterday.  You know finishing just isn't my area of expertise...I need to watch Vonna's video again. It's been awhile and I found myself getting very frustrated with the whole process.  Unfortunately I didn't have the patience to wait, sit down and watch the video... so I forged ahead.

I believe I showed this piece before...when it was unfinished.  It was stitched on 28 count Tea-dyed Monaco fabric.

Summer by Lizzie*Kate

And here is another stitch, just completed and waiting to be finished....I hope the dolls don't look too "google-y eyed" with the black beads used as eyes!  I bought this piece awhile back and purchased the recommended fabric...30 count Straw Linen from WDW...honestly, this fabric drove me crazy!  It was so flimsy and loose...probably why I prefer even weave fabrics.

Under the Tree by Little House Needleworks

In honor of National Cross Stitch Day on August 10th, I started Pumpkin Hollow Farms as part of a SAL with Priscilla and Chelsea. I started it on a 25 count over one...but I must admit that my eyesight, even with magnification, is no longer able to effectively see the tiny stitches.  Sooo, I started over on 28 count Tea Dyed Monaco ...2 over 2....what a relief!  

Here is a picture from the pattern.....

See you in September!

Hugs to all!


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Noisiest Month of the Year!

I'm still recuperating from the July 4th festivities and so appreciating the quiet!  I live near a military base that has an enormous fireworks show and I can also hear Disneylands nightly fireworks from my community.  Add that to all the private fireworks in my area and you will have an idea of the four hours I spent trying to calm my dog (and myself). You have to understand that I have a dog that is terrified of "booms" and I, also, really enjoy quiet.   I've tried several "remedies" for my frightened dog, but none of them have ever worked.  I usually feel like I live in a world where most people love LOUD.  I could go on and on about this, but I won't. ;-)

I did finish the Hands on Design called Laundry, mounted it and placed it on the door inside my washer and dryer stack.

Hands On Design
I changed some of the original colors because my new place has a lot of grey and black.  My unit here in Leisure World Seal Beach was renovated a couple of years so I have a washer and dryer inside, where others have to go to a laundry room.  Yes, I'm grateful for that!

This piece was placed inside one of the doors that closes the space where the washer and dryer sit.  

This will be a short entry...I'm working on a larger than usual piece (for me) that is a family sampler.  I really need to stick to a timeline because the piece is for an anniversary that I don't want to miss!  I've already had to frog waaaay too much!

HOWEVER, I am going to join into a SAL on Labor Day...the Flosstube Tis the Season SAL.  We will be stitching Tis the Season by Blackbird Designs from the book, Home For The Holidays.  As tho I don't have enough other stitching waiting in the wings!!  :-o   Oh... and there is a Facebook group, if you are interested.

Take care .... bye for now and I pray that God will bless you in your stitching hobby.  I'm so inspired by all that I see in your blogs.

Hugs,  Susan

Friday, June 29, 2018

Everything is New!

Well, I said I might be back in June and here I am!  I'm still busier than I really want to be.  Moving has been quite the experience (you would think I moved across the country).  But seriously, there was so much involved.  I wasn't prepared for all the bumps and bruises on the can thank me for not giving you any details.  The good news is that I'm on "the other side" now and settling in to my new home in a retirement community.  I'm thrilled to be closer to my son and his family and that was the goal.  In addition, I love where I'm living and have experienced very friendly neighbors.  The move has proven to be a new and exciting beginning for me.

I was able to accomplish very little cross stitching for the last two months, but I did start a piece from Hands-on Designs for the door to my laundry...I'm not finished with it, but it won't be long. Oh and I almost forgot that I finished one piece before I moved.  I think I showed this one on Instagram:

Summer by Lizzie Kate

Laundry is still unfinished, but soon to be done!

Never Ending Cycle by Hands On Design

Next, a picture from the Mothers' Day Tea at my son's church (now my church) in to me is my daughter-in-love, Melinda and to the left is Millie, my friend and Melinda's mom.

Finally, a picture of my new home in Leisure World, Seal Beach....I'm thrilled to be here and finally settling in....

A whole lot has been accomplished in the last two months and by God's grace I have arrived at my destination!

Stitching with gratitude,

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


...that I am in the midst of selling my condo and moving up north just a bit to be closer to my son and his family.  Really, nothing has happened to hasten this decision...just the "writing on the wall" that I'm growing older, need a one story home, and want to be closer to a support system (my son's family).

So my home is for sale and "staged" with minimal furniture and no personal pictures.  How times have changed the process of home sales!  The sad part for me is that all my stitching and equipment had to be packed away.  Every evening I feel sad and "lost" without anything to do.  At least, that is my perception!  ;-)

I may not be able to return to the blog until June, but wanted to let you know I will return after I get settled in my new place.

Hugs and happy stitching,

P.S.  In my last post, I listed the fabric for He is Risen as 28 ct. Tea-dyed Monaco.  That was incorrect.  It was actually 28 ct. Dusty Green Jobelan.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring is Here!

Hi to everyone!

Isn't it funny how we so look forward to the next season?  I'm often aware of how I need to appreciate right where I am...time passes quickly enough without wishing it away, doesn't it?  How often I've been reminded to slow down and give attention to the present because it will soon become the past that I cannot recapture.

It is fitting that my first stitched piece would welcome Spring!  As you can see, it is not finally finished, but it will be soon!  I will finish it into a flat ornament.

Welcome Spring by Little House Needleworks on 32 ct. Lambswool Jobelan
Next is my second Prairie Schooler Santa (1984)...the very first yearly Schooler Santa...I'm going to try and stitch a Schooler Santa every other month...we'll see!  They will all be done on the same fabric which was the recommended fabric on the patterns.  I'm thinking I will finish these into flat ornaments with a red twill fabric on the back.

Prairie Schooler Santa (1984)...28 ct. Putty Khaki Davos
Next is a piece for Easter called He is Risen...I did not add the angels on the top that were originally on the pattern, but I do like it as is....Actually, I should have pulled the fabric up on top a bit.

He is Risen by Little House Needleworks...28 ct. Tea-dyed Monaco

I mounted this piece on a thick wooden sign from Hobby Lobby (Priscilla-fied) with sheet metal on the sign and magnets on the back of the stitched piece.

And finally, I hope all of you have a very blessed Easter...

Many happy stitches to all of you!

Hugs, Susan

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Winter's Bounty

Hi to all my stitchy friends and any visitors!

Winter's bitter effects are minimal in my part of the country (So Cal).  Actually, I really love cooler days because of the heat we endure during some of our other months.  There is no doubt in my mind that the weather has changed over the years...I've given away so many of my warmer clothes because I just don't wear them anymore!  We are almost to the end of February and the average temperature over the last several months has been around 70.  😮

I don't know if you remember, but I was in the middle of several stitching projects in my last post.  I am so happy that I've finished those three and another unplanned one.  I can now move on to a family gift I need to start for next year. For me, these four projects are a "bounty" of progress.  Last year, I had just returned to stitching after many years and felt like I spent much of my time doing the LHN Monthlies.  I love each one of them, tho and will continue to display them.  After making fabric covered backs for the first ones, I learned from Priscilla how to attach metal sheets and magnets so that I can use the same back (since the color matches all the monthlies) over and over.

AND my stitching seems to move a little bit faster for me now related to my Lowery frame that holds my Q-Snap pieces to the side with my hands free to stitch with both hands. Yay!

Here is the Valentine's Day stitch that I will display through the month of February.

Endless Hearts by Threadwork Primitives
28 count Tea-Dyed Monaco

This one is specifically for winter...I'd better finally finish it ...spring will be here before we know it!

Hello Winter by Plum Street Samplers
25 count Vintage Country Mocha Lugana

Next is a famous series that I just started and am sure to be working on for years to come!  I have all 34 of them, so I can now rest... ;-)  I haven't yet decided how to finally finish these Santas.
Prairie Schooler Santa 2017
28 count Putty Khaki Davos

My bonus piece is a wip from last year....can't decide whether to mount on foam board or finishing is a challenge for me!  Yes, I should have chosen darker fabric...

Hello Spring by Hands on Design
25 count Stormy Night Lugana

Oh...and I almost forgot my Little House Needleworks February monthly....I finished this in November, 2017, but haven't shown it yet...

Goodby for now & Happy Stitching!
Hugs, Susan

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Returning to the Fold

Hi to all!  I've been absent for sooo long.  I'm not sure why I've put off posting for such a long time...I guess I let life get in the way.  I developed sciatica last fall and it was a humdinger for me.  I could sit for short periods only and found myself constantly whining about not being able to stitch!  Fortunately I was able to stitch some of the time, but being the slow stitcher that I am, I didn't feel very productive.

All that aside, I need to get to some of my stitched pieces and Wips.

But first, here is a site I've just discovered through Flosstubers.  Victorian Motto Samplers...I haven't received my first threads as yet, but everyone raves about them so I couldn't resist! The site has a contest going on right now until February 14th....with some beautiful red and green threads to win. So join in!

Here are nine of my twenty 2017 finishes:

Much of my time was taken up with getting the Monthly cross stitch charts (Little House Needleworks) done.  I started them at the end of February 2017 and finally finished all of them at the end of 2017!

Here is this month's stitch...most of the monthlies have magnets on the backs, making it easy to use the same green back board, which has a corresponding magnet.  This was an idea from the very well known Priscilla of Priscilla and Chelsea Flosstube fame.

Next are three wips that I'm working on...the first one is for Valentines Day, so time is of the essence.
With this one, I'm trying to teach myself two-handed stitching...not easy with my uncoordinated left hand, but I'm getting better and I think it's helping me to move a bit faster.

I've seen several finishes on this piece...Hello Winter...I'm hoping to finish before winter is over :-)

And this next one is a brand new "genre" for me...I've never really been into Santas, but the huge amount of Prairie Schooler Santas I've seen on Blogs, FB, and IG have tweaked my mind into thinking I must stitch these!  I've joined two PS groups on FB, so now I'm hooked...
I'm starting with the 2017 PS Santa and next I'll stitch the first one ever, the 1984 Santa.

Take Care and keep on stitching!

Hugs, Susan 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mid-July and Stitching Progress

A hot summer hello!  Air conditioning is here to stay for awhile in my house!

I've been doing a lot of sitting and stitching lately and have surpassed my goals to get ahead with the Little House Needleworks monthly series (I didn't start them until last February)... I'm so ready to finish them so I can concentrate on other seasonal pieces.  

Another important goal of mine is walking.  In this hot weather, that means getting outside fairly early.  I do have a treadmill, but I save that for winter when the garage is cooler.  And there are just so many hours in the day for walking, stitching, and all the necessities of life, aren't there?  It's good to be busy, though.

Besides the LHN monthlies, another series I've started is the LHN Early Americans (me and a lot of other stitchers!)...most everyone I see on IG is well ahead of me.  I just finished Betsy Ross and have now started John Hancock.  I'm not stitching on one piece of fabric as some are, so I will complete them all before I decide how I want to frame and display them.

I'm doing all the Early American pieces on 30 count Tin Roof linen which is kind of a loose weave. It's been a challenge to stitch so as not to pull the threads too tightly.

Here is how far I am on John Hancock...

It has been fun stitching this series and reading about these American pioneers.  

I've never worked with a stitching rotation, but now I have so many WIPS that I found myself needing to focus on finishes instead of wandering from piece to piece.  The monthlies are a priority for me...I'm barreling through them and just started October, so I'm hoping to finish before the end of the year (I started with March, so my last piece will be February).

Here is August, the next monthly to be displayed next to my summer, patriotic dough bowl (shown in a previous post).  I finally got "smart" about the mat boards that back up the monthlies...I attached magnets to the monthly piece and to the mat board so that I can use the same mat board on the next one and don't have too keep making new ones for each monthly! The idea of magnets was extracted from the Priscillas blog except that she uses sheet metal and magnets.  I see that Amazon sells sheet metal, so I might try that on a decorative frame!

August was an OK piece...a bit too subdued for me...I could have frogged the wording and re-stitched in a brighter color, but I decided to stay with the recommended threads.

And finally, this proud mom wants to show off a picture of my son on his 50th birthday celebration.  My son, Chris is to the right and his brother-in-law, Steve is to the left...I don't know if you are familiar with the popular Corn Hole game where you toss bean bags into the hole from a distance, but Chris has been wanting one...sooo Steve is actually building one (actually two since there are two players)...with Chris' favorite logo..the L.A. Dodgers.  

I didn't take a picture of it, but I gifted Chris with a picture album from his birth through high school that I've been working on for almost a year.  Whew!

Happy Stitching!